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Water-less Car Wash ! What is it?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We all have driven through a car wash tunnel for a quick car wash. So convenient and cheap as well. However we do not realize that one single car wash can take up around 200 litres of water. Apart from the water consumption additional electricity to run the huge machinery and furthermore the gas consumption is also huge.

A traditional car wash tunnel is not a sustainable way your car considering the water wastage and the damage to the environment. Until recently there were not many innovations in this field of water-less car wash technology. However now many have understood the need to save water and save this planet.

Water-less car wash technology are made of various eco-friendly extracts and surfactants which is sprayed on the car which lifts up the dirt and debris, followed by a buffing process. This not only makes the car clean but also adds a nice waxy coating to the car, protecting it from dust and UV rays.

Water-less car cleaning technology is tried and tested and has been proven to be a great way to maintain your car and still save the environment.

At DCW Luxembourg (Dial a Car Wash Luxembourg) we handle every car with at most care and make sure an impeccable finish that of a premium detailing service. No water or swirl marks is left behind.

If you care for your car try out a water-less premium detailing at your place and your time.

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