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DCW Ambassador series : Jenny

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

This New year we launch the #DCWAmbassadorSeries

Our globetrotting sustainability hero, Jenny Ensch. We had the opportunity to meet this incredible girl from the north of Luxembourg. We learned quite a bit about her take on sustainability, her passion and her interest in cars.

Its amazing how at quite a young age of 24 she has been taking steps towards a sustainable goal. She has been taking various measures to reduce plastic consumption and now save unnecessary water wastage and consumption as well. Jenny works as a receptionist at a 4 Star hotel in Luxembourg, she loves to backpack and trek. Some of her favorites include Mt Kilimanjaro & Gran Paradiso in Italy.

Jenny has a well maintained and a very sporty Ford Focus St Line /150 PS, she loves it so much that she gives it a nice detailing every week and occasionally giving it some quick make over.

Jenny supports local too, she uses car detailing products #Flowey just like us. We had the opportunity to provide our service to her, we are so glad to have made such a good connection, and she has joined our cause to save 100,000 litres of water by #March2021. Please Welcome Jenny our friend and our first brand ambassador.

Thanks Jenny for all the love and support! We Love you too

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